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check out this article titled To Train Harder, Consider a Crowd.

Crains running article

Check out Seymour and crew as he completed the badwater solo, in Death Valley, CA He walked and ran 135 miles in 100 degree plus heat over 56 hours.

Running is good for you: Checkout this article on a new study about running.

Body Basics: Running long distances over many years might decrease your risk of developing arthritic hips by strengthening muscles and bone and keeping your weight in check. From the Missouri Arthritis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

"The experience was amazing unlike any other thing I have ever gone through. Now I see why all of you keep on running." From Jorge after his first Chicago Marathon finish.


Congrats to:

  1. Jorge and his wife and son who ran in the Flying Pig, half and 10k races  Pics soon

  2. Dave Cohn who did a 5k Friday and a marathon Saturday in Champaign Pics.

  3. David, Katie, Jeff full and Bob, Brian, Jeffrey, Leslie and Lesley half marathons in the Redwoods of CA Pics soon

  4. David and Jeff for their successful completion of the hilly Jackson, MS marathon

  5.   me, Jeff, Nate, David, Mitch, Jeff. Leslie, Katie, Jeffrey, and Sam for the hot chocolate 5k and 15k race Pics

  6.   Jeff and his wife Leslie for their Chicago marathon (her first marathon) runs Pics

  7.   Dave and David for their great times in the Portland marathon on 10/10/10 Pics

  8.   Dave for his speedy 1:43:55, top 14% finish in the Oakbrook half marathon

  9.   Bob and Leslie Strauss for their Utah half marathon

  10.   David & Mitch for their Idaho marathon race

  11.   David & Jeff for the Deadwood, SD marathon and Jeff’s wife Leslie who ran the half marathon

  12.   Dave for his successful run in the Bob Potts, PA marathon Pics

Regular Weekend Runs

Currently we meet at at 7:55 am and we start running at 8:00 am. The long group runs anywhere from 6 to 23 miles. We will have shorter groups as well doing somewhere between 6 and 10 miles. This is just a plan at this point. We may adjust distances and perhaps do some hill runs as well. All changes are posted here.

Check here weekly as the time and place can change due to special trips (like Barrington hill runs or downtown lakefront runs). email for more into.

Weekday Runs

We now meet three days during the week for morning runs and run anywhere from 4 to 8 miles, depending on the morning. We will be running in Buffalo Creek now that is is getting lighter earlier. Meet there and be ready to run at 6 am. Our usual weekdays are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Email for info.

Future Races

Omaha marathon and half marathon Sunday, September 25 in Omaha, Nebraska

email me if you have one to add to the list or to tell us you want to go along with the group

future weekend running schedule

This Sunday, June 16 has us running 10 miles on the Des Plaines river trail in Lincolnshire. Meet behind Egg Harbor at 7:55 am by rt 22 and 21. We will start running at 8:00 am. Breakfast to follow.

Click here to see Jeff Newcorn interviewed on Channel 5 during his Lake Shore Drive run in he Blizzard of 2011 What a difference a year makes! Go Jeff!

Go here to read a story about shoes and running There is a great new book out you all should read called “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. There are many interesting facets of this book and every runner will get something from reading it.

Sunday, June 16 run on the Des Plaines river trail